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    In all of my paintings I am searching for new ways to explore identification and portraiture. I am always examining how we identify ourselves and how others identify us. I try to find those overlooked ideas of portraiture that are hiding in plain sight. My investigations of portraiture and identity have led me to two series;  portraits of hands and portraits of feet. These series of paintings were born out of my fascination with the landscape of an individual’s various body parts.  In the process of drawing and painting these parts of our bodies, I discovered their ability to simultaneously act as portrait and landscape.


As a portrait, these works convey the same properties of traditional portraiture such as gender, age, race and hint at other properties such as occupation, socio-economic status, mood or emotion.  In addition, the scale in which they are painted or drawn transforms these body parts into larger than life landscapes.  In a magnified state, the viewer loses perspective and is permitted to glimpse the rolling hills of knuckles and the valleys of soles.


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