Series Statement

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    This series of paintings “Masks”, continues to investigate the ideas of portraiture and identity but in a different context than the prior sereis of Hands, Feet and Mouths. There is, of course, a clear and direct metaphor at work in these paintings: we are all wearing a mask of some kind. Be it a smile or a frown, we present a mask, aiming to communicate (truthfully or not) an idea of ourselves to the world around us. In these paintings I am trying to move past these metaphorical masks, by replacing them with physical ones. I have found that many people, who are not avid collectors of masks, own at least one or two masks, to which they have been attracted to on a conscious or subconscious level. Something of themselves is reflected in these masks. This was true for all of the models who sat for this series of paintings. The personal connection they have to their masks both adds a depth and richness to the paintings and assists the viewer in moving past the mere representation of the sitter’s likeness to reveal a deeper truth about them.